VEDIKE Child Sponsorship Program

VEDIKE is an NGO based in Bangalore, India. In the local language, the name ‘Vedike’ means ‘Platform’. This reflects our objective of becoming a platform for underprivileged children in the rural community outside of Bangalore, where they can be lifted out of cycle of poverty and social exclusion. VEDIKE invites you to partner with us through the VEDIKE Child Sponsorship Program.

For as little as $300 ($25 per month for 12 months) you can sponsor a child for a year!

Step 1: Your willingness to sponsor a child
Step 2: Sponsor Application Form (we can send by email)
Step 3: VEDIKE will nominate and suggest a child for you to sponsor
Step 4: You can make the choice as suggested or ask for special consideration
Step 5: Discussion of payment and transfer options (will communicate via email)
Step 6: Transfer of funds
Step 7: VEDIKE confirms the sponsorship
Step 8: Updates are shared regularly with the sponsor, especially through the VEDIKE Facebook page (
Step 9: VEDIKE encourages correspondence between the sponsor and child
Step 10: At the end of each academic year, sponsors receive VEDIKE’s annual letter of appreciation and request for the renewal of sponsorship (please note that the Indian academic year starts in June and ends in May.

$300 ($25 per month for 12 months) goes towards the costs of food, accommodation, education, clothes, educational materials and other individual needs of the child.

Will communicate via email

A child sponsorship usually extends over a number of years as the child advances in their education and the wider community development project progresses. We encourage a minimum of a year’s contribution. At times a child sponsorship ceases when the child and their family move away from the area or for other personal reasons. If this happens, VEDIKE will inform you and help identify another child for you to sponsor if that is your wish.

We understand that your personal financial circumstances may change and make it difficult for sponsorship to be maintained. Sponsors are free to suspend or cancel their payments at any time and for any reason.

The easiest way of keeping up-to-date is to join our VEDIKE Facebook page ( This page is regularly updated.

Yes, you certainly can! Children love to receive letters and photos from their sponsors. They can be sent to We will forward your letter to your sponsor child along with a translation. We ask that you do not include your personal contact details in letters to your sponsor child as doing so can lead to unsolicited requests for assistance. Please mention the child’s name and your first name only.

The children love to write to their sponsors so you can expect letters in response. If you haven’t received a reply within 3 months please contact

We ask that you do not send individual gifts as this can create problems with other children at VEDIKE. However, if you would like to send a small gift to all the children at VEDIKE please contact us.

Yes! A visit to meet your sponsor child is a great way to see the impact of your contributions first hand. If you are interested please contact us to organise an appointment and discuss other formalities.

As mentioned above, payment and transfer options and details will be discussed upon receipt of completed forms.

For further details please write to Executive Director