VEDIKE in partnership with its sister-organization, Global Citizens for Sustainable Development works on developing the Global Citizens Learning Centre (GCLC) which aims to provide a space for community engagement and international cooperation.

The GCLC vision includes:

A Vocational Education/Livelihood Training Centre for the local community

The GCLC’s Vocational Education/Livelihood Training Centre aims to build the capacity of the local rural community. It will specifically focus on traditionally disempowered groups, such as women. The goal of the training will be to develop skills that will be useful in generating an income and providing for families. These skills include sewing and basic English.

Accommodation, facilities and programs for visiting groups and individuals
GCLC also aims to host several volunteer, study-abroad, service learning and social responsibility programs. These programs will involve visitors in hands-on projects, such as: building homes and sanitation facilities in the local villages; organic farming initiatives; running vocational training sessions; and organizing academic and extra-curricular activities for children. They will also be involved in dialogue about global issues such as inequality of opportunity and environmental responsibility.



Vocational / Livelihood Training Center

Teach VEDIKE Children

Indian Cooking Sessions

Teach in Villages around VEDIKE

Cultural Immersion

Kitchen Gardening / Farming Activities

Open Classroom Learning

PRA / Research in Villages

Yoga and Hike

Social Outreach and CSR

Social Outreach and Bangalore Colleges

Vedike Arts and Cultural Festival

Connecting Urban and Rural Youth