VEDIKE Eco-Residential School aims to provide a nurturing environment for underprivileged children from rural Bangalore, where they can learn and grow in a setting of ecological responsibility. The vision for the Eco-Residential School includes:

  • A residential children’s home for up to 120 of the most vulnerable children (both girls and boys) from within a 40km radius of the VEDIKE campus
  • A co-educational ‘green school’ with the eventual capacity of 400 students, focusing on providing quality education for students from Kindergarten to 10th Grade
  • A central kitchen/dining/study facility
  • Space for small-scale agricultural activities, such as cow sheds and kitchen gardens
  • Active and passive play/recreation spaces
  • An amphitheater and stage for outdoor education and community meetings/performances
  • Separate bathroom facilities for girls and boys

In addition to specifically catering for the 400 VEDIKE students (120 residential students and additional 280 day students), VEDIKE Eco-Residential School aims to host many programs and activities for other children in the local communities and their families, as well as programs and activities to reconnect urban youth with rural life.