Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka, is one of India’s fastest growing cities and major economic centres. Often referred to as India’s Silicon Valley, Bangalore’s technology sector is booming, with each new development creating demand for low-skilled workers for construction, labour and ancillary positions in the informal employment sector.

As VEDIKE is located just north of the outskirts of Bangalore city, many families migrated to the area from neighbouring states in order to seek work in Bangalore’s informal sector. Unfortunately, this often comes at the expense of stability as it provides only transient employment and an inconsistent income. As a result, many families have no option but to live in temporary, insecure housing without access to sanitation and protection from exploitation.

Education is also a major concern in the area surrounding VEDIKE as there are large disparities between educational opportunities in urban and rural areas.

Another concern is in relation to agriculture. Climate change, land degradation, struggles over land ownership and the increase in land being used by companies for commercial crops are challenging rural life.

VEDIKE aims to address these critical issues respectively through:

  • Providing stable housing and sanitation for children through the Eco-Residential School and projects in the local communities
  • Providing vocation training to enhance the capacity of and job opportunities for the local communities
  • Providing quality education programs for children
  • Operating in an environmentally friendly and ecologically sustainable manner