There are two major aspects of the VEDIKE vision:

  1. VEDIKE Eco-Residential School
  2. Global Citizens Learning Centre (GCLC)

The VEDIKE campus is made up of two sections, separated by a narrow, unpaved, public road. The eastern portion will consist of VEDIKE Eco-Residential School. The western portion will be developed into VEDIKE Global Citizens Learning Centre.

In Kannada, the name ‘Vedike’ means ‘Platform’. VEDIKE aims to function as a platform for change in a number of ways:

  • The Eco-Residential School will be a platform for at-risk children to learn, grow and realise their potential.
  • The GCLC will include a Vocational Education/Livelihood Training Centre that will act as a platform for capacity building in the local community.
  • The GCLC will also provide a platform for visiting individuals and groups to explore global citizenship through promoting active engagement with rural development issues.


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