VEDIKE Eco-Residential School was founded by Anugraha and Michelle John.

Anugraha John is the founder and executive director of VEDIKE and Global Citizens for Sustainable Development. Originally from Mumbai, John has been working on rural and urban development issues in and around Bangalore for over ten years. As an education and development practitioner, he has vast experience in running volunteer, study abroad and service learning programs to engage local, national and international youth with hands-on development experiences and cultural exchanges and immersion. John began VEDIKE to focus on the education of underprivileged children and development issues in rural Bangalore. He also seeks to bridge the gap between urban and rural children and youth in Bangalore. John is passionate about the empowerment of children and women through education and capacity building, He teaches English, Maths, Hindi and Environmental Education to the students at VEDIKE. John also uses sports as a tool for education and development.

Michelle John is a primary-school teacher from Sydney, Australia and is now based in Bangalore, India. She specialises in teaching English as second (or additional) language. Michelle has been travelling to India since 2009 to teach children and work with teachers in rural areas. She joined the VEDIKE team in 2012 and co-founded the Eco-Residential School with John. Michelle is passionate about providing quality education in order to see underprivileged children reach their potential. She also helps international volunteers and students to acclimatise to Indian culture and assists them in working with children in India. Michelle supervises the Global Citizens Teach in India Internship Program at VEDIKE.

VEDIKE would also like to acknowledge the support of Olivia Llopart in the initial establishment of VEDIKE Eco-Residential School.